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Honkai Impact 3rd Blasts Off with Part 2 Update!

honkai impact 3rd

Get ready, Captains! The highly anticipated Honkai Impact 3rd Part 2 update launches today, February 29th, 2024, taking players on a thrilling journey to the Red Planet. This massive update marks a significant shift in the game’s narrative, leaving Earth behind and introducing a brand new cast of characters.


Meet the Martian Dreamseekers

Step into the shoes of the “Dreamseeker,” the new protagonist of Part 2. Alongside fellow Dreamseekers, the energetic Senadina, the reliable Helia, and the powerful Coralie, players will explore the vast landscapes of Mars and unravel its hidden secrets.

Combat Evolves

Part 2 doesn’t just introduce a new world; it also revamps the combat system. Expect smoother gameplay, exciting new mechanics, and a renewed sense of challenge for veteran Captains. The update ushers in a new era of combat, offering players a more dynamic and strategic experience. Here are some key changes to expect:

Embrace the Skies: Many characters now have enhanced aerial combat capabilities, allowing them to chain attacks, perform evasive maneuvers, and unleash powerful aerial skills. This opens up new strategic possibilities, encouraging players to utilize both ground and air combat effectively.


Master the Astral Ring: The “Astral Ring” mechanic introduces a unique resource meter that builds up during combat. Once charged, players can activate a special state that allows them to unleash simultaneous ultimate attacks from their entire team. The Astral Ring lets you unleash a team-wide ultimate attack, but it takes planning. You need to place your characters and time their skills right for maximum damage.

Evolving Enemies: Enemies in Part 2 exhibit more diverse and sophisticated combat behaviors. They can now utilize environmental elements to their advantage, launch coordinated attacks, and react strategically to player actions. This demands greater adaptability and mastery of the new combat mechanics to overcome the challenges they present.

Honkai Impact 3rd Rewards Galore

To celebrate this momentous launch, HoYoverse is showering players with rewards. To celebrate the arrival of Honkai Impact 3rd Part 2 and welcome players to Mars, HoYoverse is offering a bounty of rewards:

  • Free Character Cards: Log in to claim a free S-Rank character of your choice! Select from veteran Valkyries like Hash of the Void, Herrscher of Thunder, or other established fighters to bolster your Martian squad.
  • Supply Card Stockpile: Jumpstart your character acquisition with a generous amount of free Supply Cards – 10 for both the Expansion and Focus gachas. This allows you to try your luck at acquiring powerful new Valkyries and their signature equipment.
  • Coralie’s Welcome Package: Upon completing specific in-game tasks, you’ll unlock Coralie, the fiery new character introduced in Part 2, along with her recommended weapon and stigma set. This gives you a head start in building a strong team for your Martian adventures.
  • Disciplinary Perdition Outfit: Spruce up your favorite battlesuit with a brand-new outfit for Disciplinary Perdition, available through various in-game activities. Don’t miss out on this chance to personalize your Valkyrie’s style!
  • Additional Resources: As you progress through Part 2, expect to receive various resources like Crystals, upgrade materials, and the new “Source Prism” material, all crucial for strengthening your Valkyries and unlocking their full potential.

These rewards offer a significant boost to new and returning players alike. This  allows them to jump into the Martian adventure well-equipped and prepared to face the challenges ahead.

Soar to New Heights with Honkai Impact 3rd Part 2!

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling adventure on Mars? Download the Part 2 update today and join the Dreamseekers in their fight against the unknown! Remember, pre-registration rewards are still up for grabs, so don’t miss out!

Photo credit: Hoyoverse