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Chris Pratt Will Voice Mario and the Internet Reacts

Chriss Pratt as Mario

Chris Pratt will be the voice of Mario in the Super Mario Bros movie, which many considered as an unexpected casting. Chris Pratt played some serious and goofy roles in TV and movies. We will remember him as Andy Dwyer in the tv sitcom Parks and Recreation. But he is more well-known starring in movies such as Passengers, Jurassic World, and Guardians of the Galaxy. He was a part of The Lego Movie, also doing voice animation so his résumé is pretty stacked.


The internet is going to need some time to get used to the idea because this casting received a lot of criticism over social media. Check out some reactions from Twitter:

We’re on board with this idea!

The sarcasm on the last one is divine.

Chris Pratt’s Instagram Teaser?

The iconic, beloved, and best-selling retro game franchise features Mario, an Italian plumber, and obviously talks with an Italian accent. The internet doesn’t seem to think Chris Pratt can pull it off. Pratt has taken the confirmation of his casting in an Instagram video with the caption, “It’s-a meeeee!!!!!”. He talked about his love of the game since he played it as a kid, and voicing Mario is a dream come true. We’re glad he immediately clarified that it won’t be the voice when he delivered the line “It’s a-me, Mario!”. Yikes! However, he said that he will be working hard on it. And we certainly hope so.


Nintendo Announced Who Will Join Chris Pratt

Nintendo also announced who will join Pratt in the animated movie. The rest of the cast is still unusual but something that we can still get excited about as Charlie Day will voice Luigi, Anya Taylor-Joy joining the cast as Peach, Jack Black as Bowser, and Seth Rogen will be Donkey Kong. They are all non-Italian, which some people are unhappy with. We will see if the movie will be a box-office flop or a success once it comes out in December 2022.

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