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Free Rust Skins: Rust OfflineTV & Friends 2

free rust skins

Rust is a huge survival game with a very loyal fanbase. Released as multiplayer-only (officially) over 3 years ago on Feb 9, 2018, the game has had a decent following since it was introduced in Early access on Dec 2013. Rust by no means was a small fry when it joined the multiplayer scene. It already enjoyed a concurrent player count of 10k – 30k in its first 5 years which is no small feat. As with most big games, Rust also utilizes the Steam marketplace to traffic in-game items and skins. Free Rust skins are also available regularly on Twitch especially starting this Jan 2021.



How long do you have to obtain the skins?


Free Skins Rust

You have 7 days to view 24 hours worth of streams to obtain a total of 11 free Rust skins.

UTC+8: July 6 2 AM – July 13 2 AM
GMT (UTC+0): July 5 6 PM – July 12 6 PM
PST (UTC-7): July 5 11 AM – July 12 11 AM

How to get the free Rust skins and which ones are available?

  1. Link your account

    Go to the Twitch → All Campaigns page and link your Facepunch account.

  2. Watch participating streams from any Rust Streamer

    2 skins are obtainable if you watch any Rust streamer with the Drops Enabled tag active on Twitch
    First 3 hours: Rpold Hoodie
    Second 3 hours: IOK Facemask
    Total: 6 hours

  3. Watch participating streams from OTV Rust (OfflineTVandFriends)

    9 skins are obtainable if you watch any Rust streamer the campaign is being held for: OfflineTVandFriends
    The 9 skins are listed below and they all require two hours each to obtain.

    • Itsryanhiga Hoodie
    • ShackyHD Armoured door
    • xChocobars Large Box
    • Starsmitten LR
    • iitztimmy L96
    • Natsumiii Hoodie
    • Frost M249
    • KKatamina Facemask
    • QuarterJade Bandana
    Total: 18hours

Overall total: 24hours viewing



Additional notes about the free Rust skins

  • you cannot watch concurrent Rust streams. Your viewing time will only count for 1 Rust reward at a time. However, if you are watching two streams for 2 different games, those will still count, e.g. watching 1 Rust Stream and 1 Rocket League Stream is valid.
  • you must claim the previous reward before it will proceed to the next one (applies to campaigns with multiple rewards). For example, in #2 above, you will not get both Rpold Hoodie and IOK Facemask if you leave your screen on a single stream. That said, once the 3hours are up for the Rpold Hoodie, you have to claim your reward from the Twitch → Drops page before the next 3 hours are credited towards the IOK Facemaks.

What’s been going on with Rust?

If you check SteamCharts, you will notice that Jan 2021 was the turning point of the game. According to this fandom page, the groundwork for this started as early as Dec 26, 2020 and the rest was history. Lots of big name streamers began to stream the game from then on and this group (OTV Rust), in particular, has been one of the steadfast partners so far. Good luck with collecting all these in-game loot and stay tuned for more announcements of freebies and giveaways!

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